A Fluid Simulation Plugin For Cinema 4D

About JetFluids

JetFluids is a Cinema 4D Plugin based on the Jet Framework.

Development of the plugin is being done by Kent Barber and you can follow its development at @kentbarber.

Available for Cinema 4D R20, R21, S22 and R23 on both OSX and Windows.

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Please be aware that the interface changed during the plugins development, which is why it looks different in the first few videos.


  • Solvers for FLIP, PIC, APIC, LevelSet and Smoke.
  • Emitter Tag.
  • Collider Tag.
  • Scene Object.
  • Cache simulations internally in the C4D file or externally to disk.
  • Cach each frame as a C4D file for meshes and particle simulations.
  • Cach each frame as an OpenVDB file for volumes and density grids.
  • Play back cached simulations interactively by scrubbing the timeline in the viewport.
  • Simulate viscous fluids using the LevelSet Solver.
  • Animate emitter direction and velocity in single shot, pulse or continous mode.
  • Emitters can innherit velocity from moving objects, such as rigidbodies or animation nulls and objects.
  • Multithreaded using Intel TBB for improved performance on Intel CPUs.
  • And lots more... please see the video tutorials.



Scene and Menu




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